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A Little About Our Portrait Photography Collections!

At UA-Visions, we specialize in capturing life’s moments through our lens, offering professional portrait photography that tells your story. Our skilled photographers in Charleston, WV, and surrounding areas are dedicated to creating stunning, memorable portraits that you will treasure for years to come.

Our portrait photography collection showcases a variety of styles and settings, reflecting the uniqueness of each subject. From individual portraits to family sessions, our work illustrates the depth and versatility of our photography skills. Browse through our gallery to see examples of our best work, each image capturing the essence of our subjects.

Professional portrait photography collections studio setup with vintage camera and lighting by UA-Visions in Charleston, WV.

Portraits of Distinction: Capturing Life's Chapters

Here, you’ll discover the rich tapestry of lives and moments we’ve been privileged to capture. Our portrait photography collection is more than just photographs; they are stories captured through the lens, each frame reflecting a unique narrative. Whether you’re drawn to the candid joy in our family portraits, the individuality in our personal branding shoots, or the milestones celebrated in our senior and graduation captures, there’s a story here for everyone. Choose a collection and immerse yourself in the artistry and emotion that only UA-Visions can deliver.

George Washington High School Homecoming - 2022

Step into the enchanting evening of George Washington High School’s 2022 Homecoming Formal with our exclusive photo gallery. Experience the glamour and joy of Charleston’s youth against the picturesque Brawley Walkway. Click to relive the magic captured by UA-Visions!

Fields of Love: The Gaddy Engagement Chronicles

Amidst the golden hues of Charleston’s fields, discover the love story of Kaitlyn and Logan. Their engagement session captures the essence of commitment set against the canvas of nature. Click to view the heartwarming gallery of future Mr. & Mrs. Gaddy.

Capturing Love in Hurricane, WV

The follow-up enchanting story of Katilyn and Logan Gaddy.  It began with their engagement photo session and all came together for their wedding day in the heart of Hurricane, WV.

Motocross rider traversing a dusty trail amidst the dense forests of West Virginia.

Expertise in Various Portrait Styles

Our work has become synonymous with exceptional quality and creative diversity in professional portrait photography. Charleston, WV, with its rich history and stunning landscapes, provides the perfect canvas for our work. From the historic cobblestone streets to the serene riverside parks, we select the ideal backdrop to complement each subject’s unique essence.Whether you’re looking for classic, contemporary, or candid portraits, our team at UA-Visions has the expertise to bring your vision to life. We excel in:


  • Individual and Personal Branding Portraits
  • Family and Group Photography Sessions
  • Senior and Graduation Photography
  • Personal Branding and Professional Headshots
  • Weddings & Engagement
  • Wedding and Engagement Photography Collections

At UA-Visions, we believe that every portrait is a personal statement, a visual narrative that speaks volumes without uttering a word. Our portfolio is a vibrant mosaic of individual personalities, familial bonds, celebratory milestones, and professional achievements. We take pride in our ability to adapt our style to suit your vision, whether it’s the timeless elegance of classic portraiture, the innovative edge of contemporary styles, or the natural spontaneity of candid shots.

Professional photo editing workspace with a laptop displaying photo management software, a Sony camera, and a cup of coffee on a wooden desk.

Tailored Portrait Photography Sessions at UA-Visions

Comprehensive Service from Concept to Final Product

We extend our services beyond just the photo shoot. From the initial planning stages, we engage with you to understand your vision. We offer guidance on wardrobe, location, and styling to ensure that every element of the portrait aligns with your expectations. During the photo session, our experienced photographers create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, making the experience enjoyable and natural.

Post-production is where our expertise really shines. We use state-of-the-art editing techniques to enhance the photos while maintaining a natural look. Our goal is to deliver portraits that not only meet but exceed your expectations, providing you with memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Our Approach for Unforgettable Memories

Our approach to portrait photography is deeply collaborative and client-focused. We understand that a great portrait is not just about the technical aspects of photography but about capturing the true spirit of the individual. That’s why we prioritize your preferences and ideas from the outset. Whether you’re looking for a classic look, a contemporary feel, or something entirely unique, our team is skilled in a variety of styles and techniques to meet your needs.

Connect with the Community: Our Social Media Journey

Stay connected with the latest from UA-Visions by visiting our vibrant social media pages. Our blog offers a treasure trove of photography tips, session ideas, and insights into our creative process. Engage with us, and become part of the UA-Visions family.

Experience Our Work WITH VIDEO Visit our Social Pages

All our captivating video footage from many of our projects can be found on our social media pages. Dive into a world of mesmerizing digital media services & drone imaging and relive the moments we’ve captured by clicking one of our pages below.

Beyond Portraits: Diverse Photography Services at UA-Visions

Delve deeper into the array of specialized services offered by UA-Visions. From aerial drone captures that reveal a bird’s eye view of breathtaking landscapes to thermal imaging for precise inspections, our repertoire extends far beyond portrait photography. Discover our expertise in creating detailed 3D models for architectural visualizations, crafting engaging marketing content, and tracking construction progress with precision. 

Our agricultural monitoring techniques utilize the latest technology to provide valuable insights, and our real estate photography showcases properties in their best light. Explore how our versatile photography and videography solutions can meet your diverse needs.

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At UA-Visions, we specialize in creating expressive and impactful portrait photography, serving a wide range of clients from individuals and families to professionals and local businesses throughout Charleston, WV, and the surrounding areas. We understand that each portrait session is a deeply personal experience, aiming to capture the unique personality and essence of each subject. Our approach involves close collaboration with our clients from the initial consultation to the final selection of images, ensuring that our portrait photography collection meets their specific desires and expectations. This personalized process guarantees that each portrait not only captures a moment but also tells a story, reflecting the individuality and spirit of the subjects in a meaningful way.

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