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WV Photography and Professional Drone Services

Our Photography and Drone Services

 Licensed and registered with the FAA, UA-Visions is a fully insured professional drone services and photography company that specializes in capturing aerial drone footage and delivering high quality digital products. Founded in 2021 and based in Charleston, West Virginia, we serve clients in the surrounding areas as well as across the United States.

Our main services include; customizable photography sessions, commercial and residential aerial real estate photography & videography, mapping and 3D modeling, construction progression, and asset inspection services.  In addition to aerial content, We offer full service professional portrait photography in WV and video production services for weddings, special events, promotional marketing, real estate, family and school portraits, and more.

Sample Real Estate - Virginia

Want your listing

to look its best?


Using only the top photo & video editing software on the market, with Adobe and Final Cut Pro X, we have you covered. We'll ensure your home is captured in just the right light from take-off to post processing.

- Boost interest with aerial imagery

- Highlight Points of Interest 

- Video Listing Production

We're happy to customize and create brilliant real estate video listings or simple aerial and ground photography to help you sell your properties.

Meeks Mountain Trails - Contour Lines

Using advanced digital imagery editing solutions, we can create a wide range of digital photogrammetry products including;


- Digital Surface Models 

- Orthomosaic Photos

- 3D Models

- Contour Maps

- Scene & Crash Reconstruction

- and more...

4K Ultra HD Photos & Video

4K Ultra HD 

Photos & Video

Moneyback guaranteed

100% Moneyback


Fast turnaround

Fast Turnaround

Photo & Video

Licensed and Insured


Licensed & Insured

Aerial stills and video in high definition to assist you in swiftly deciding on the best course of action. With this personalized service, you and your clients can make better decisions faster.

- Roof Inspection: Residential & commercial real estate


- Tower InspectionsReduce risk without losing insight


- Bridge Inspections: Saving valuable time and increasing safety


- Container Inspections: Ensuring assets are in good working order

- Powerline Inspections: Bird's nests, lightning strikes, rust, corrosion and damaged bolts


- Custom Inspections: Customize yours today

Cell Tower Inspection

Gain a new highly detailed and accurate perspective on your project, property, or structure with our interactive 3D models.

- Aggregates: Stockpile measurement surveys

- Construction: Topographic point cloud surveys

- Oil & Gas: Right-of-ways, topographic point cloud surveys, dike surveys

- Utilities: Right-of-way surveys & topographic point cloud surveys

- Engineering: Topographic point cloud surveys

- Resource Management: Topographic point cloud surveys

3D model of a train bridge
The Print Shop Cover Photo
The Print Shop Cover Photo
The Print Shop Cover Photo
The Print Shop Cover Photo

Modern Wall Decor and Printable Fine Art

We don’t just take photos; we provide stunning digital prints and fine art that adds value and design to any space. Simply put, our goal in each piece of work is to create stunning images that captures the beauty of nature and the outdoors. These photographs will bring the you into the scene and perfectly capture the setting, mood, and feeling at each location.

Run For The Wall
Local Business - Better Prices -Better Service

Many drone service companies claim to provide service to clients across the nation or even the globe.  While this may be true for the very few, the vast majority sub-contract every job to pilots local to that particular customer.  There are many drawbacks to this business model for the customer, but not so much for the "national" drone service company.

Veteran Owned Business

Drawbacks to National

Drone Companies

  • Customer's intent must be relayed by the 'National' company to the pilot performing the job, reducing communication effectiveness

  • Delayed information flow due to the customers information passing through multiple channels 

  • Projects must be scheduled weeks in advance

  • No coverage in a particular area

  • Increased Prices

WV State Capitol

Local Business Benefits

  • Direct communication with the pilot performing the job with no loss of understanding

  • Will go above and beyond for their customers because they are personally invested 

  • It will be a person than answers the phone when you call, not a machine as well as much faster response times

  • Better Prices; Big box stores do not control pricing of their products.

  • Reputation and quality are very important to a small business owner.

Why Should You Hire a Licensed Drone Pilot?

Legality:  It is illegal to use a drone commercially without first obtaining FAA Part 107 certification. Our pilots have spent their time and money to fly commercially while adhering to all current federal and state regulations. Each of our drones are licensed and registered, and our pilots are certified. 


Experience:  Each project is unique and tailored to the client's requirements.  Documentaries, TV production, LIVE broadcasting, commercials, promotional marketing, weddings, events, construction, inspections, 3D mapping, photography, digital rendering, timelapses, and real estate are just few of the projects we are experienced in. 


Safety:  Our FAA-certified drone pilots have received rigorous training in all of the most recent safety regulations and best practices. We employ the most up-to-date equipment and information to fly safely where it would otherwise be impossible to do so without prior FAA approval.

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