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Print Licensing

Personal Use License for Purchased Digital Media

At UA-Visions, we offer a non-exclusive, perpetual personal-use license for our images and videos, ensuring you can enjoy our media in various personal applications. Here’s what you need to know:

  • For Personal Enjoyment: Use our media on personal websites, computers, or for print, solely for your personal enjoyment.
  • Non-Commercial Use: Our media is not for commercial use. It should not be used where you charge money, collect fees, or earn remuneration.
  • No Advertising Use: You cannot use our media in advertisements or for marketing purposes.
  • Ownership and Rights: We retain full ownership and rights to the media. Buying media does not transfer title or rights.
  • ‘As Is’ Basis: We provide the media ‘as is,’ without any express or implied warranties.
  • Liability: UA-Visions and the content provider are not liable for damages or third-party claims arising from your use of the media.

Commercial Use License for Purchased Digital Media

Our commercial use license caters to your business needs, allowing the use of our media in various commercial settings while outlining important limitations:

  • Permitted Uses: Ideal for advertising, promotions, brochures, and packaging. Suitable for use on commercial websites (up to 800×600 pixels), and in prints, posters, or displays for promotional purposes.
  • Publication and Broadcast: Applicable for magazines, books, newspapers, and other publications, as well as video and broadcast use.
  • Restrictions: Resale, relicensing, or redistribution without express permission from UA-Visions LLC is prohibited. Media cannot be used in derogatory, obscene, or illegal contexts and cannot be integrated into trademarks or logos.
  • No Derivative Works: Creating and reselling derivative works is not allowed.
  • Ownership and Copyright: We maintain all rights, title, and ownership of the media.
  • No Warranty and Liability: The media is sold without warranties, and we hold no liability for claims or damages arising from your use.


Need More Information?

For detailed insights into our licensing policies, visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages. If you have any questions or need clarifications regarding our licensing, please contact us directly at or visit our contact page

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Capturing the essence of your personality or event with our professional portrait photography services. Tailored to your unique needs, we offer individual, family, corporate, and lifestyle portraits that truly reflect your individuality and style.

Event Photography and Videography

Event Photography and Videography

Preserve the magic of your special day with our event photography and videography services. From weddings to corporate events, we offer aerial videos & photos that add a unique perspective to your event memories.

Marketing and Advertising Content

Marketing and Advertising Content

Harness the power of video to convey your brand’s message compellingly. Our custom drone videos are crafted to resonate with your audience, driving engagement and fostering conversions through quality video content.

Drone Mapping and 3D Modeling

Drone Mapping and 3D Modeling

Leverage our advanced drone mapping and 3D modeling services for detailed and accurate visual data. Ideal for construction, real estate, and more, we provide the insights you need to make informed decisions.

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All our captivating video footage from many of our projects can be found on our social media pages. Dive into a world of mesmerizing digital media services & drone imaging and relive the moments we’ve captured by clicking one of our pages below.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Services

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Services

Showcase your properties in their best light with our aerial photography for real estate. Offering both aerial and ground-level photography, 3D virtual tours, and immersive video tours, we create visuals that attract potential buyers and accelerate sales.

Construction Progression and Monitoring

Construction Progression and Monitoring

Keep track of your construction projects with our services, offering regular aerial drone inspections to monitor progress, ensure safety compliance, and address issues promptly.

Aerial Drone Inspection Services

Aerial Drone Inspection Services

Our drone inspection services offer a safe and efficient way to inspect hard-to-reach areas. From infrastructure inspections to roof check-ups, we provide the visual data you need to make informed decisions.


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Explore how our dedication to excellence in photography, videography, and innovative drone services has turned our clients’ visions into compelling visual stories. Your project could be our next masterpiece.

Excellent Service

Outstanding Photographers

I highly recommend this company for any drone photo needs you guys might have in the area, they have been the best drone photographers I have ever worked with.

James Saad

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Awesome Photos & Video

Definitely Recommended

These guys are great! My husband and I are planning on selling our house soon and I wanted some aerial pictures and video of my house. Not only did they get awesome pictures and videos, they put it all together into a short movie that I can share.I definitely recommend theses guys!!!

Jessica Andrews

Real Estate Listing Photography of 67 Hardwood Road By UA-Visions

Trusted Aerial Imagery and Photography Solutions

Servicing a diverse clientele, UA-Visions is the go-to choice for both prominent international and national brands as well as local businesses and individual clients in West Virginia and surrounding states. We specialize in tailoring our drone and photography services to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring a personalized experience from initial concept to final delivery.

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