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Aerial view of a Cell Tower during an Inspection taken by UA-Visions

Cell Tower Inspections

Way more than pretty pictures of towers. This is real data that drives our tower management processes and improves how we create key deliverables.

Communication Cell Tower Inspections are required on a regular basis to ensure that minor maintenance problems don't escalate into major expenses. While these inspections should indeed be performed on a regular basis, hiring a contractor to perform them can be costly, burdensome, and dangerous, depending on the size and ease of access to the tower.  UA-Visions drone cellular inspections is the answer.


Our cell tower aerial inspection service helps cellular companies identify structural damage, potential hazard, or damage to cellular equipment, etc. Our data assists in downtime reduction and an increase in efficiency at lower cost.

Autonomous drones powered by UA-Visions can perform rapid inspections of structures and wireless infrastructure with high definition accuracy.  Using the newest in drone technology, we provide Ultra High-Definition (UHD) 5K video footage along with crystal clear aerial photography. A unique elevated view allows us to see reliability issues and repairs that would otherwise go unnoticed if traditional inspection approaches were used.

Drones are key to reducing the need for people to climb towers for manual inspection, reducing costs and ensuring a safe mission.

Cell Tower Inspection - 1.jpg


In addition to fast delivery of all collected photo and video footage, we can also stream the video live from the perspective of the UAV while in-flight.  This allows you to specify which perspective you wish to be captured during the inspection. 

Drone technology has helped the construction sector restore safety, predict failure, and maximize a constructor's vision to its most desired state.  Serving West Virginia with aerial drone inspections, we aim to speed up data collection in difficult-to-reach places, reduce risk, and help manage expenses.

Aerial view of a Cell Tower Inspection during an inspection taken by UA-Visions
Cellular Communications Tower - 3D Model.jpg
Cellular Communications Tower - 3D Model by UA-Visions


With the rapid expansion of infrastructure, it is critical to keep up with servicing at a similar pace.


Communication tower inspections are completed with safety, precision, and accuracy using specialized drones..  While the precision of our aerial inspection services is excellent, the cost-effectiveness of our surveying services is what really sets us apart. You no longer have to fear the day when an inspection is required because we make the procedure efficient while keeping our charges reasonable.

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