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Want to showcase your real estate listings? Use a Drone for your lising photography

Updated: Jun 8

The always-changing world of technology has delivered us a device that elevates and intensifies advertising efforts for a multitude of industries. Drones have been around for centuries, however we are now beginning to harness the potential of these high-flying cameras. Companies are also starting to see the effect drones have on showcasing their product, property, facility or area and how to use stunning video and photographs to their advantage. We hope to show you how drones can greatly enhance your advertising efforts and influence clients.

Aerial View of a neighborhood at sunset

Real estate drone photography has become an increasingly popular tool available at a sellers disposal. Why? It's because it works! Bottom line, it's a better marketing and we all know what better marketing results in; higher earnings for you and your company. I'm gonna give you the reasons why I think that you should consider using real estate on photography as part of your marketing strategy to enhance your listing.

How Much Faster Can I sell Real Estate with Drone Photography?

Showcasing your real estate listings has never been easier. If you've ever bought it house before, you know how difficult it is to get excited about a listing with boring or uninspired pictures. The old saying that a picture is worth 1000 words has never proven more truthful than when it comes to selling your home for top dollar. The most important reason you should consider aerial drone images is the reality that those homes sell faster. How much faster? Try 68% faster than those that do not. That's a huge difference.

Do you currently live or work in an area defined by beauty?

Aerial drone photography is your best opportunity to capture the enticing angles and breathtaking landscape features afforded by your neighborhood in a way that a standard photographer simply cannot. Dramatic listing items like gardens and swimming pools can really help sell a buyer on a property comparing listings. Let me tell you there's no better way to showcase those unique features and angles than sweeping shots afforded by a drone. The same can be said for the homes built with difficult to capture items like imported roof tile or solar panels. These really come to life when viewed from overhead.

Aerial view of real estate property and a house

Previously, realtors used helicopters to capture the gorgeous views of their properties, but drones now prove to be an affordable and accessible alternative that allows them to save money and time, in turn, being able to show more properties. In addition, you can advertise the benefits of a location, accessibility and traffic patterns in the area. While it’s a perfect example, real estate is just one industry that has been capitalizing on the commercial use of drones for marketing.

Selling a Home is More Than Simply Selling a House; It's the Experience

More and more people aren't just buying a new home, they're buying into the experience of being part of a community as well. With aerial drone photography, not only can you adequately capture its surroundings but everything that comes with living in a particular area. Do you live near a park? Does your home offer a panoramic view of a natural area? Aerial drone photography can bring all of that into perspective instead of hoping everything comes together in a series of still shots. This method all but guarantees your home and your surroundings shine as one.

Lastly, we know buyers really respond to trends offered in their buying experience. If you want your homes listing to entice a larger number of buyers, photographs with immersive drone photography will do more than keep them engaged. This is your chance to make your home irresistible. Your home is the product, but how do you go about selling a product makes a big difference when it comes to the bottom line. If you want to take your selling experience to the next level, consider elevating from ordinary to extraordinary with aerial drone photography.

Have something beautiful you need to show off? UA-Visions is a, full-service drone photography agency that specializes in real estate photography/videography, post production video marketing, and more. We work with local, national and international clients to deliver impressive products, branding, web, public relations, social media and video services — a true one-stop-shop for finished drone products. At UA-Visions, we want to learn about your business, empower your marketing team and be your creative resource.

Your advertising goals are worth a conversation. Interested in adding aerial footage to your listings, contact us at 304-807-9410 or

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