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How do Drones Support Construction Companies Throughout Each Stage of a Project?

Updated: Jun 8

The comprehensive stages necessary to execute your building project are referred to as the construction process. Planning/design, pre-construction, procurement, construction, and post-construction are the typical five stages of this procedure. Each phase has its own set of obstacles, depending on the size and scope of the project.

Aerial Photo of a Construction Site

Whether you're project is a small gas station or a large industrial complex, each phase of the project gives potential to save valuable time and money by discovering efficiencies and opportunities to keep the project moving ahead. Many construction company owners and project managers and are unaware of how effective drones can be throughout their entire project.

This is why we wanted to share some of the many ways drones and maybe some additional software can be highly beneficial during the construction process.

1. The Initiation Phase and Pre-Construction Phase

The initial stages of any construction project incorporates many aspects of planning. Drones have quickly become the industry standard in this process and are especially important for pre-construction research. We all know time equals money. Every project begins with a plan and those that don't take advantage of drone technology are wasting valuable time. Here are a few ways a drone can save you time and money in the planning phase:

Orthomosaic Photo

Selecting The Project Location: You may think by physically going to the potential site location and seeing it from ground level with your own eyes, you have a full grasp of the entire location. Now imagine if you were at that same location but 2ooft up looking down, or even 400ft. Wouldn't that birds-eye view show you much more detail than if you were standing on the ground? Now you can without ever having to leave your office.

Topographic Maps: We mentioned earlier that drones and some additional computer software can be beneficial, well this is one aspect where mapping software such as Agisoft Metashape can show you an enormous amount of information about your site selection. Information such as elevation change with contour, vegetation, Digital Surface Models (DSM), planimetric features (measurements road edges, heights, signs, building footprints, etc).

Digital Elevation Model

Surveying: Historically, surveying has been a slow and costly task for many project managers. Depending on the land layout of the construction site, having a survey completed could take days or even weeks. Through the use of drones, this process can be cut down to a matter of hours if not minutes.

Scheduling: It's important to fly a drone at this early stage of the project. Visually observing the construction location from a birds-eye view will assist in determining optimal staffing, equipment / machine deployment, and overall planning so as not to waste resources. This also applies to the construction phase of the project

2. Drones Support to the Construction Phase

Drones in the construction industry have vastly improved remote site monitoring of equipment, personnel, and material as well as project progression as a whole. Some ways drones are utilized include:

Inventory: Drones provide the ability to inspect material inventories quickly without the need for construction personnel. This greatly increases overall cost effectiveness and restocking efficiency without the risk of a construction slowdown due to lack of materials. Monitoring materials in this way protects also provides a historical reference to project managers and insurance carriers in those rare cases of theft or weather damage.

Safe Detailed Accurate Reporting - Drones have the unique capability to easily access almost any part of a structure and can collect more useful information using high-quality 5K imaging, video or even thermal cameras. Although human experience is still required, drones are much faster, more efficient, and more accurate. By replacing a construction worker and replacing him/her vastly reduces accidents and the risk of an on-site injury. By accessing hard-to-reach spaces, drones can safely collect more information much faster than through conventional means.

Reduction in Delays: Drones are capable of capturing monthly, weekly, or even daily repeatable flights making it simple to create progress photos and reports. Capturing aerial footage in this consistent fashion will allow you to quickly identify areas that are causing or may potentially cause delays during all phases of the project. Gaining this insight on the project grants you the ability to take proactive steps to reduce negatively impacts rather than reacting to them when they occur.

3. The Post-Construction Phase

We're not saying their wrong that many construction professionals are surprisingly inspecting sites the old-fashioned way when commercial drones can track and inspect sites faster, better, and more accurately, but a photo is worth a thousand words.

Before and After: We've all heard of C.Y.A. (Cover Your A$$). In the past, we've heard project managers say how owners of neighboring properties to their project have complained to them. Some complaints from neighboring landowners mentioned their property was damaged during construction or now they have drainage issues now that construction is complete. Using overhead before and after photos or video, the project manage has a leg to stand on proving the complaint is unfounded potentially saving thousands in legal fees.

Construction Site Tracking and Monitoring

Superior Advertising and Marketing: Showcasing your project using stunning aerial drone photography or cinematic videography in your marketing plan will dramatically increase attractiveness and drive more clients to your business. According to MLS statistics, properties photographed by drones were shown to sell 68% faster, creating faster turnarounds and increasing profitability.

If you are interested in our services and would like to add drones support to your next construction project, please do not hesitate give us a call. Our team is always available to talk and we'll be happy to assist you in providing the highest-definition aerial products possible. Contact Us - - (304) 807-9410

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