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Muddy Creek Falls at Swallow Falls State Park in Oakland Maryland

This is actually our second time visiting the Swallow Falls State Park. The first time I visited, I also made a quick video clip but this time around I noticed I may have made a grammatical error. On the first video I made, I spelled it “Shallow Falls” rather than Swallow Falls. No one ever said anything and I never thought to change it. I think I might leave it as Shallow Falls to see if anyone catches it. If you missed the video from the first visit, here’s the link:

The reason for my second trip was after I got back the first time, I learned that I missed out on seeing the 53 foot waterfall. If you are familiar with this state park, you know that when you enter the main walking path, it splits left and right just after entering. Well, the first trip, I took a right and didn’t get to check out the left said as it was getting late in the evening. So this video is from what I missed out on the first trip.

Swallow Falls State Park is near Oakland, Maryland.A muddy stream falls into a valley made by the Youghioghney River. The waterfall is over 50 feet high and some claim that it is the highest waterfall in Maryland although Cunningham Falls is said to be more than 70 feet. When the water level is low, as it was on my visit, you can go out directly from the waterfall to enjoy the scenery, but when the water level is high, it's not a good idea to tempt fate.


Muddy Creek Falls at Swallow Falls State Park in Oakland Maryland


Sept 2022

Muddy Creek Falls at Swallow Falls State Park

Image by Szabo Viktor

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Image by Deeksha Pahariya

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