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Ground level view of the smoke from the Kanawha State Forest Park Fire

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3 July 2023


Charleston, WV

Kanawha State Forest Park Fire

Amidst the dry weather, a spark ignited the vast expanse of the Kanawha State Forest Park. As fate would have it, our team at UA-Visions was nearby, ready to lend a helping hand. With our expertise in WV photography and drone services, we swiftly deployed our drone, providing first responders with a comprehensive aerial view of the situation. This real-time aerial photography service allowed them to gauge the extent of the fire and strategize their response effectively.

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A Cinematic Capture by UA-Visions

Our commitment to event videography and cinematography was evident as we captured the relentless efforts of these brave individuals. Their dedication and swift action were commendable, ensuring the safety of the park and its inhabitants.

For those who wish to witness the resilience of nature and the valor of our first responders, our video offers a cinematic experience that's both moving and informative. Dive into our diverse range of services, from aerial mapping to event videography, and let us tell your story.

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