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Minimalistic Photography of a Roof

Aerial Inspections


Rooftop and hard-to-reach inspections of residential & commercial real estate. Quickly locate and evaluate problems such as leaks, cracks, shingles, or potential solar installation locations. 


Reduce risk without losing insight. Get a full and detailed view of all aspects and equipment without leaving the office.  


Bridge Inspections

Inspect critical assets while saving valuable time and increasing safety without the need of extra equipment and manpower.

High Definition aerial stills and video to help you quickly decide on the best course of action.
Speed up your decisions with our aerial inspection service.


Container Inspections

Ensure your storage containers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and other assets are in good repair.


Powerline Inspections

Inspect power lines and power pylons for bird's nests, lightning strikes, rust/corrosion and damaged bolts.


Custom Inspections

Drone-enabled inspections are easier, faster, safer, and more affordable than traditional inspection methods.  Customize yours today.

The Value of Drones in Roof Inspections

Roof inspections have historically required observations at ground level, from stairs or by physically walking on roofs. This observation concerns not only steep angles, but also large and even inaccessible areas. The time required for this obsolete method is expensive, not to mention the risk of liability. Due to these time requirements and physical limitations, observing every inch of the roof is impossible and the quality of these inspections is very limited.

However, when using drones to take high-quality photos and videos, not only of the roof, but of the entire structure and property, these aerial inspections can be performed in a matter of hours. This allows us to observe the results of field inspections and prepare detailed data analysis in less time and with almost no risk of injury.

Roof Inspection and Scanning

Another great benefit of drone technology is the use of

photogrammetry, which is used to create a 3D representation of the

roof. Piloting a drone equipped with this capability allows us to

produce digital products that offers you the possibility to observe

every area as if you were on the rooftop. Previously, the primary

method of detecting damage was expensive and inefficient,

sometimes requiring demolition of the exterior of a building to

obtain an accurate assessment. Using photogrammetric and aerial

technology, we can provide an aerial digital perspective of your roof.


How We Inspect Roofs

A drone roof inspection is carried out by piloting a drone equipped with a high-resolution camera in the air and capturing images that are compiled into a detailed aerial map of the inspection site. This method is common for large buildings and properties with many buildings. The result is a highly detailed model of the property and its structure that clearly reveals the condition of each roof and can be used to create accurate repair and replacement plans. The drone can also fly very close to structures, making inspections of intricately designed roofs and hard-to-reach areas such as skylights much more efficient and accurate.

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