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WV Drone Inspection of a roof at a construction site

Drone Construction
Monitoring and Progression

Where Vision Meets Precision: Your Trusted Partner in Drone Construction Monitoring

Leveraging Professional Drone Services

In the dynamic world of construction management, UA-Visions stands at the forefront, offering unparalleled construction monitoring solutions in Charleston, WV, and beyond. Leveraging professional drone services equipped with 4K Ultra HD quality camera technology, we provide a bird's eye view of your project, ensuring precision and efficiency at every stage.

Full Suite of Construction Services

Drone construction monitoring in West Virginia

Unlock a new perspective with high-resolution aerial imagery and videos, offering comprehensive and real-time views of the construction site. Our affordable solutions deliver high-resolution files on the same day, ensuring you stay abreast of every development.

Aerial Imaging Data for Construction Sites

Orthomosaic map in WV

Step into the future with 3D construction sites powered by scheduled drone missions, 3D mapping, and more. Harness the transformative power of technology to elevate your project management capabilities, bringing a new dimension of efficiency and precision to your construction endeavors.

Drone Mapping and
3D Modeling 

Drone construction monitoring in West Virginia

Ensure the safety and structural integrity of your construction projects with our drone inspection services. We employ drones to carry out detailed inspections of various construction elements, including structural integrity, safety compliance, and more. Our services help in identifying potential issues before they escalate, ensuring a smooth progression of your construction project.

Drone Inspection Services

Aerial imagery of a construction site

Experience the next level of construction monitoring with our tailored drone video services. We facilitate real-time tracking of your construction projects, offering detailed insights into the daily progress and helping in identifying any potential areas of improvement. Leveraging 4K Ultra HD quality camera technology, we provide high-resolution videos that offer a comprehensive view of the construction site, aiding in better decision-making and ensuring project success.

360 Degree Images

Construction Progression and monitoring

Unlock a new perspective with high-resolution aerial imagery and videos, offering comprehensive and real-time views of the construction site. Our affordable solutions deliver high-resolution files on the same day, ensuring you stay abreast of every development.

Drone Video Monitoring

Real-Time Drone Data for Construction Oversight

Pre-Construction Phase

Capture Current Site Conditions with Drone Technology for Informed Planning and Collaboration

Project Monitoring & Documentation 

Continuously Track and Analyze Project Development with Regular Drone Imagery and Data Integration for Enhanced Safety and Efficient Workflow

Measurements & Volumetrics

Leverage Precision Drone Analytics for Accurate Tracking of Equipment and Material Usage, Facilitating Real-Time Comparison with Proposed Plans

Structure & Building Inspections

Enhance Safety and Cost-Efficiency with Drone-Aided Damage Detection and Analysis. Utilize Comprehensive Reports with Image, Video, and Thermal Data for In-Depth Inspections. Discover More with UA-Visions Inspection Services.

2D/3D Mapping & Models

Obtain Geometrically Accurate 2D & 3D Site Representations with UA-Visions. Facilitate Precise Stockpile Measurements and Topographic Survey Comparisons. Explore More with UA-Visions Mapping and 3D Modeling Services.

Pre Construction
Hammer and Wrench
Volumetric Measurements
Drone Mapping

Utilizing Orthomosaic Images for Comprehensive Construction Management

Site Analysis and Planning: Before construction begins, orthomosaic images can be used to analyze the site, helping in the detailed planning of the construction project by providing accurate topographical and environmental data.


Progress Monitoring: Throughout the construction process, capturing periodic orthomosaic images can help in monitoring the progress of the work. It allows stakeholders to visually track changes over time, ensuring that the project is advancing as planned.


Quality Control: Regularly updated orthomosaic images can be used to maintain quality control on the site. They can help in identifying any discrepancies from the planned design early on, allowing for timely corrections.


Documentation and Reporting: Orthomosaic images can serve as a visual documentation of the construction process, facilitating transparent reporting to clients and stakeholders by providing a clear picture of the progress at different stages.

Orthomosaics: A Powerful Tool 

Asset Management: Post-construction, these images can be used for asset management, helping in the maintenance and management of the built infrastructure by providing detailed, up-to-date information on the site conditions.

The UA-Visions Advantage: Elevate Your Project with Our Drone Services

Why Choose Our Drone Services

Aerial view of footers during construction monitoring

FAA Certified and Approved Drone Services

Our team of FAA certified pilots are the backbone of our operations, adhering to stringent safety protocols and offering FAA approved drone services that meet the highest industry benchmarks.  From capturing breathtaking aerial videos & photos to crafting custom drone videos, we bring an unmatched level of expertise to the table, setting a gold standard in the drone service industry.

Aerial view of workers on the roof of a building at a construction site

Nationwide Drone Services

We take pride in our nationwide drone services, reaching beyond Charleston, WV to eastern Kentucky and southern Ohio. Our services are crafted to cater to a diverse range of projects, offering insightful aerial imaging data that revolutionizes construction monitoring, providing a perspective that is both expansive and detailed.

Advertising with a Construction Company Sign

WV Photography and Drone Services

As a stalwart in WV photography and drone services, we offer a spectrum of services including aerial real estate photography and drone mapping and 3D modeling. Our holistic approach to construction monitoring ensures every angle is covered to perfection, extending to professional portrait photography to capture every nuance of your project.

Marketing and Advertising in the Construction Industry

  • Showcase Progress: Drones can capture the construction progress from various angles, providing a comprehensive view of the site.

  • Property Overview: Drones are great to create aerial overviews of the property, showcasing the surroundings and the layout of the construction site.

  • Innovation: Showcase the innovative approaches and technologies used in the construction project through drone videos, setting the brand apart in the competitive market.

  • Website Content: Use drone footage to create compelling website content, showcasing the projects and services offered.

  • Creative Ads: Drones can be used to create high-quality advertisements showcasing the construction project from unique angles, enhancing the visual appeal of the campaign.


See more of our Construction

Video Projects Here

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Construction Progression

Phase 1 - January-September 2023

  • Social Media Content: Create engaging content for social media platforms using drone footage to attract potential clients and create a buzz around the project.

Image by Scott Blake

Structural Drone Inspections

  • Structural Integrity Inspections: Evaluating the stability and condition of ongoing constructions.

  • Roof Inspections: Identifying potential issues such as leaks or structural weaknesses in roofing systems.

  • Façade Inspections: Checking the exterior surfaces of buildings for cracks and damages.

  • Safety Compliance Inspections: Monitoring the adherence to safety protocols on the construction site.

  • Utility and Infrastructure Inspections: Assessing the correct installation of utilities such as electrical lines and plumbing.

  • Thermal Inspections: Using thermal cameras to identify potential heat loss areas, water leaks, or electrical issues.

Aerial view of a construction site during phase one of the building process

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