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What are the benefits of aerial photography services for realtors?

As a real estate agent, you may be wondering if it is practical to use a drone for your listings or if it is necessary to stay competitive. Whichever method you choose, drones and aerial photography services are emerging as the next evolution of surprisingly affordable, state-of-the-art real estate marketing tools.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Association) recently set rules for the use of drones, issued 500 permits for commercial use, and real estate companies hold the largest share (more than 30%). The most popular applications are aerial photographs and photographs that showcase a list of residential properties.

Aerial Drone Photo of Anna Maria Island Sunset

Imagine the possibility of aerial footage of your ideal location.  Think about the appeal cinematic shots your listings large fields and countless acres.  Don't you wish you could get a shot of that house on the lake.  Let us help you reach the previously inaccessible. Show-off amazing elevated photos and video from above showing potential buyers the whole property and site boundaries.  All professional aerial photography services are to "enhance" real estate professionals with the ability to highlight the unique aspects of each of their listings and the surroundings.

Aerial view of a residential home

What Aerial Footage Gives Potential Buyers

So what are the benefits of aerial photography services for realtors? For realtors, aerial drone footage can show your potential buyers a variety of unique views which will leave a longer lasting impression compared to traditional photo stills. To include neighbors and surrounding areas, proximity to amenities, schools, churches, and more.  

- Comprehensive aerial images from above with a map-like view showing all four corners of the property. 


- Medium aerial photographs showing every corner of the house, capturing its layout, features, and site                       boundaries.


- Low-elevation shots that gives the property a unique and slightly higher angle, which is not possible with regular     real estate photography.


According to a study by the International Association for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (AUVSI), adding drones to the country's airspace is estimated to create more than $ 13.6 billion and more than 70,000 new jobs in the first three years of integration. The AUVSI also predicts that the state's tax revenues will exceed $ 482 million in the first 11 years of integration, and states with a thriving aerospace industry will benefit most from drones.


The use of aerial photography services is becoming more and more common as realtors ask the FAA (Federal Aviation Association) to issue permits and develop guidelines for commercial use. Regardless of the rules in place, the use of drones raises some controversy, but demand surges on. 

Don't rely on 'Streetview' - Enhance your listings and let us help sell your properties.

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