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3D Modeling and Photogrammetry

3D modeling Solutions 

We aim to provide an inexpensive way to use high density, high precision 3D models. Drone research captures specific areas of interest with images and processes the data in-house to create your own 3D modeling solution.

Drone in flight

Drones are essentially airborne scanners that can be used to turn large objects such as buildings construction sites or simply large land areas into 3-D models thanks to a process called photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from aerial photography, particularly aerial photographs, and using those measurements to generate a 3-D model.

What is Drone 3D Mapping?

Image by Valeria Fursa

Used to assess difficult and dangerous areas, planning, decision making, and construction in a variety of industries. We offer a wide range of services, including 3D topographic maps, 3D models of storage areas, and 3D models of infrastructure and facilities. Therefore, UA-Visions is the best choice for any industry.

Industries We Serve

  • Aggregates (stockpile measurement surveys)

  • Construction (topographic point cloud surveys)

  • Oil & Gas (right-of-way surveys, topographic point cloud surveys, dike surveys)

  • Utilities (right-of-way surveys & topographic point cloud surveys)

  • Environmental Engineering (topographic point cloud surveys)

  • Cultural Resource Management (topographic point cloud surveys)

Benefits to Mapping and 3D Modeling

Of course, drone mapping has several advantages over traditional methods. However, we've found that many clients did not do any mapping at all. If you're doing well without fully mapping your farm or factory, you may be wondering why you need to do this. What if we tell you that it can help you save money? When buying real estate "as is", our drone mapping service helps with due diligence. The drone can review or challenge the information presented in the filing. This can guide you out of bad deals, negotiate, or calm you down. If the location is already in use, the drone mapping service can help improve security. Some built-in hazards aren't visible from the ground, but you can see them from a bird's-eye view. Creating a safer workplace for employees not only keeps them in the workplace, but also reduces the risk of litigation involving personal injury.

High accuracy:  When surveying a site, accuracy is absolutely necessary. If the effort does not pay off, the dire prospect of returning to the scene and recreating the work already done is presented. Not only does this waste valuable time, but it can also delay the project and cause more effort. The project manager will not want to hear it. Drone Mapping allows you to combine proven aerial and photogrammetric software with new technologies. This provides much higher accuracy than using traditional research approaches. Drones make it easier to see your data and give you more reliable results.

Improving the safety of surveyors:  There are various risks depending on the location. Avoiding these risks can be difficult for surveyors, especially if the site contains railroad tracks, unstable terrain, or crowded highways. Even with proper safety measures in place, workers can be at unavoidable risk. Drones eliminate all hazards without affecting the quality of the findings. Drones provide surveyors with a bird's-eye view of the ground without jeopardizing their safety.


Quality photos and graphics:  The safety of the surveyor is very important, but the quality of the pictures taken is also important. This is especially true for communicating project plans to other stakeholders, such as business partners and customers. Good visuals have the greatest impact, especially for those who don't fully understand the project plan.

Contact us today to discuss your next 3D Modeling and Photogrammetry project.

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