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Run for the Wall

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25 May 2022


Nitro, WV

2022 Run for the Wall

The 'Run for the Wall' stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of hundreds of men and women who journey across the nation, from the sunny coasts of California to the historic landmarks of Washington D.C. Their mode of transport? Powerful motorcycles that roar with passion and purpose. This annual event is more than just a cross-country ride; it's a mission to promote healing for veterans and ensure accountability for the brave souls who served the United States Armed Service. We remember those who lost their lives, those still listed as Missing In Action (MIA), and every Prisoner Of War (POW).

While the COVID pandemic momentarily halted this tradition, it couldn't dampen the spirit of what is arguably one of the world's most significant and enduring motorcycle events. The legacy continues, and for those interested in joining next year's Run for the Wall, more details can be found here.

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A Tribute Captured Through WV Photography and Drone Services

On the 25th of May, 2022, the scenic City of Nitro, WV, played host to this event, offering participants a much-needed 'pit stop'. Highlighting the event was the iconic UH-1 Iroquois helicopter, fondly known as the "Huey", a symbol of the U.S. Army's valiance during the Vietnam War.

At UA-Visions, our pride in being a veteran-owned business is only surpassed by our commitment to excellence in WV photography and drone services. This event presented us with a golden opportunity to showcase our aerial photography services, capturing moments that resonate with emotion and history. We are honored to have filmed and completed this project, immortalizing the spirit of the 'Run for the Wall' for generations to come.

For those interested in our diverse range of services, from aerial mapping to portrait photography, feel free to contact us or call at (304) 807-9410.

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